Melbourne FC 2021 Premiership, Brownlow & Coleman Medal Odds

Melbourne FC Premiership Winner 2021 Odds

Odds $23.00

The Dees are currently sitting tenth in the Race for Finals in 2021, despite coming 9th on the ladder in 2020 shunts the Dees to a drastically lower position than they’re going to be… and I mean way lower. Betting on the Dees to make top 8 might be a great multi bet option.

With the Gawn/Oliver/Petracca trio dominating ball work in the mid, and the readily improving forward line in Fritsch and Hunt, the side is looing primed for finals coming into 2021. Expect big things.

P.S. jump on the Dees to take home the title at some great value now, before they start winning games and their odds fluctuate.

Christian Petracca AFL 2021 Brownlow Medal 2021

Odds $17.00

Seventh in the AFL Brownlow Medal Futures Market – but third in the running for 2020?

Doesn’t really make much sense. Petracca’s odds should be a lot lower than they are, especially being one of the clear-cut favourites in the 2020 season. He’ll be readily improving on his already elite status next year, and knows what he has to fix to get there (Clearances and Tackles). Look out for Petracca in 2021.

He’s a Dark Horse.

Jayden Hunt/Bayley Fritsch AFL 2021 Coleman Medal Odds

Odds: $36.00

The odds are  out for the 2021 Coleman Medal and Hunt or Fritsch will probably be the Dees best bet at snagging one of these bad boys next season.

They’ll likely be paying around the $40 mark as well, making for some solid value. Fritsch is one of Melbourne’s most versatile young players, and with an elite goal scoring statistic of 1.4, he’s looking like he’ll be one of the closer Dees to the award next year.

The classy left-footer is a natural forward, and he’ll be looking to play inside 50 consistently in the future. Hunt’s goal statistics sit him also at an elite level, at 1.7… making him a step closer than Fritsch to bring home the bacon.

With the forward line a relatively new role for the 25-year-olld, who was best known for his run off of half-back. Booting 21 goals from 21 games in 2019, he did it one better in 2021.

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